Kitchen Cabinets as well as the cabinets throughout your home or space represent a big decision during your new construction or home remodel. From style and color to layout and design, they can dramatically affect the look and feel of what can be the most used space of your home.
At Southern Supply, our cabinet brands include top quality, American Made companies that will provide lasting beauty and functionality for years to come. Whatever your style or budget, Southern Supply offers a wide range of styles and materials for your cabinets allowing you to customize to your tastes and style.

Cabinetry Options

Kitchen Cabinetry

Selecting the right cabinets is just one part of planning your perfect kitchen. From the wood species or material, to stains, paint or glazes, Southern Supply will partner with you on finding the design that looks best in your home. Our team can also help create the floor plan that works with your kitchen needs.

Bathroom Cabinetry

Planning your new or remodeled bathroom involves many aspects including cabinetry, countertops and hardware. With Southern Supply’s extensive product selection, our experienced team can help you create a bathroom design that looks and works best in your home.

Other Rooms Cabinetry

Consider the options for cabinets in other rooms of your home or space by continuing the look from your kitchen and bathroom. This easy upgrade to your space can make them highly functional with storage and usability.

A window seat in the living room adds both charm and storage. Bookcases or cabinets under the stairs reclaim wasted space in an entryway. A mudroom bench with drawers creates a place for pet leashes and food bowls plus a comfortable perch for removing boots.

Laundry Room

Base and wall cabinets in the laundry room create ample storage for cleaning supplies and open up counter space for pre-treating stains, folding clean clothes, or even potting plants. And a foldaway ironing board with integrated outlet takes the hassle out of pressing collars.

Entertainment Room

A functional entertainment room organizes DVDs, music and games while expanding floor space for the family Wii tournament. Add an island with sink, pull-out cutting board, and stemware storage, and you have a wet bar for your next cocktail party.

Home Office

Base cabinets and decorative legs create a beautiful desk with file storage. Bookcases display books, photo albums and keepsakes, keeping your home office personalized but clutter-free.


Bookcases and base cabinets are essential for organizing books, toys, games or art supplies in a kids’ room, playroom, or hobby room. Add a desk or countertop and you have the creative space for sewing, model building or gift wrapping.

Whatever rooms you choose to upgrade, use the same door style and finish throughout your home for uniformity, or mix them for a more eclectic look. The hardware, decorative accents, and accessories you choose can seamlessly blend the cabinetry into your home’s personality—and transform the way you live in it.


Take your closet to the next level with a closet makeover. With a great selection of closet organizing options, shelving and other great ideas, you can make your closet cabinetry your perfect combination.

Cabinet Material

Kitchen cabinets constructed of hardwood come in several wood species. Many other materials are available.

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Rustic Alder
  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Birch
  • Foil

Finish / Color

The eternal question, light or dark cabinets? Well styles range so widely, that you can have both if you want and you can choose from thousands of options that will fit your tastes.


Stained Cabinets result in beautiful hand-rubbed, stained finishes that enhance the natural character and grain of the wood species. The stain is then sprayed over the surface and wiped by hand so that it develops a beautiful, transparent color that fully showcases the grain and character of the wood.

Glazed Stain

Glazed Cabinets have a very distinct look that gives them a different feel than ordinary painted or stained cabinets. A Glaze on your cabinet can give a darker, vintage look, which will nicely add accent to a room. This look can give layers of depth to an area where there were previously flat colors. Glaze is a semi-transparent color that is applied over the stain for added depth and dimension. Along profiles and corners, the glaze highlights and accentuates the carved details of the cabinet door. Glaze is an artistic, hand-applied cabinet finish technique that will exhibit subtle and unique variations.


Painted Cabinets allow you to match, accent, and customize your new cabinets. Painted cabinet finishes have gained popularity in recent years for their crisp, classic styling and expansive color palette. Some homeowners select paint for their entire kitchen, while others choose it as an accent color for an island or a cook center.

Door Styles

  • Square or Arch
  • Flat, Raised or Recesses
  • Traditional, Contemporary or Ornate

Other Features

Storage and Accessories

Cabinets have more potential than ever before. With our line of cabinet accessories, you can transform your cabinets into so much more than simple storage space. Having custom cabinets doesn't have to stop at the style and color. You can accessorize your cabinets and make your space unique to your tastes and needs. Make your cabinet space organized and personalized, and release the full potential of your cabinet space.

Glass and Grill Options

Cabinets may be designed for storage, but not everything you want to store needs to be hidden. Cabinets are used to display items as well, and can give you a line of sight to be able to find what you need quickly and easily. When this kind of visibility is necessary, Glass and Grille Cabinet Fronts are available. There are many uses for glass and grille fronts, their applications as diverse as your design and creativity can make them.

Glass and Grille Options are available for many of our cabinet styles, and come in a variety of options. Grilles can include horizontal separators, both vertical and horizontal separators, and full glass fronts. These options can be added to both the square front and arch front cabinets, and we can also accommodate taller cabinets and vanities.

Toe Kick and Base Options

The toe-kick and base options available provide a multitude of design styles to your vanities and cabinets, and come in a number of different styles for a variety of uses.

Drawer Options

Drawers are a very important part of your new cabinet design. They are sometimes used just as frequently, if not more frequently, that the cabinets themselves.

Cabinet Sizes and Specifications

Cabinets need to come in a variety of sizes, as they are made to fit into a variety of spaces, either at home or in a professional setting. Depending on the cabinet solution you are planning, the size of the cabinets, including the height, depth, width, and more, can all be adjusted and customized. In order to provide your space with the cabinet solution you want, we make our products to the specifications you need.


Cabinet hardware designed to fit any design or budget with many functional features for the any room in the home. Kitchen cabinetry pulls, knobs and drawer slides.

You can also match your bath hardware with towel bars and rings, robe hooks, toilet paper holders, soap dishes, mirrors, shelving and shower rods as well as throughout your home wall plates, hooks and house numbers.