How to Avoid a Kitchen Remodel Nightmare

Do you want to avoid a kitchen remodel nightmare? Are you dreaming of your kitchen as the place for entertaining, preparing the most mouthwatering meals or just simply needs an update to make your life easier? Unfortunately, kitchen remodeling can be a nightmare, but we want to assure you that we know ways to make the project easier. In addition, you will have an upgraded space that can meet your family’s lifestyle needs without moving.

Whether you have planned for months or just started, use the list below to help avoid a kitchen remodel nightmare. A little secret, it starts with establishing good relationships or partnerships with the key players.

  1. Hiring the Essential Players. Some projects may need the full team of architect, designer, space planner, kitchen and bath designer, contractor, and suppliers, while smaller projects could just include a contractor and supplier. You will need to consider each to make the best team for your remodel. Trust is the key when choosing your team. Their products, services and references should speak for themselves. Each person you choose should be working for you rather than offering you a cookie cutter options.
  2. Create a Good Plan. Start with the appropriate person to draw the plans for your kitchen, because you will need to consider architectural, space, function and style in order to communicate to the other team members. Planning for a remodel includes the ability to set a budget and sticking to the choices made during the plan. From the design to the products, you want, having a knowledgeable team guide you through the selection process will help reduce surprises and any added costs.
  3. Making Decisions and Selections. To keep your budget in line as well as setting the schedule for material delivery, all design and product decisions should be make in advance of starting the project. Choose products that stand the test of time rather than just trendy ideas. Any changes you make to the scope of the project or come as surprises behind the walls will affect the timeline and cost of the remodel. For example, common cabinet mistakes, the perfect kitchen sink and how to choose countertops.
  4. Determine Your Style. A professional designer or supplier can help guide you through the design process. They can lend expertise and guidance in many products and styles to help you fine-tune your kitchen. The professionals will know all the tricks: how to maximize storage, smart substitutions for high-end materials, even the best local contractors for the job. Before your first meeting create a list of points that, you want to incorporate into your remodel and choose sample photos from completed projects to show your design team.
  5. Avoid the Owner-Builder Route. Starting a project without a plan, without the right team or the proper permitting could be the biggest nightmare of your kitchen remodel. The kitchen is the heart of your home; take the time to make it right for you and your wallet by using professional advice.
  6. Checking References. Can you believe that some people are not who they say they are. You should make sure that your contractor is legitimate which means licensed, boned and insured. The best contractors are worth waiting for and tend to be the busiest ones. Connect with the local Home Builders Association, check online and check their references. Ask your top three candidates to supply references, and follow up with the most recent ones.

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